• Do you know the data sources and locations in your business?
  • Do you know how data flows through your business?
  • Do you know the compliance level of your data?
  • Do you know how data creates value in your business?
  • How and for who are you creating value?
  • Are you investing in data development and protection?

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A non-financial due diligence

At the core of dataBelt®’s application within the M&A lifecycle is the concept that data is a vital and critical business asset.

Therefore, in order to complete a successful acquisition, we need to understand the quality, value and risk of our data. dataBelt® discovers, indexes and classifies data in all forms from all structured and un-structured sources.

To put this in context: if I want to understand the scope and current liabilities in a sales target from all its vendor contracts, quickly and efficiently, rather than manually searching for and reading through all of them, dataBelt® will discover and transcribe all of their contents so that the key elements contained in each contract – such as vendor, scope, duration, cost – can be  presented in a fraction of the time possible through manual means, and at a fraction of the cost.

Imagine now that dataBelt® is used across an organisation’s entire data estate and you can start to imagine the power that dataBelt® has in the M&A context.

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