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Contact Tracing

The Safe-Trace system, conceptualised by Aguru, consists of a wearable device and an application (app) for data management.  The Safe-Trace device, designed in collaboration with our technology partner Hive-IOT, utilises Bluetooth technology to register contacts among those carrying a device. and within 2m proximity for a configurable duration (15min recommended).

Our product has been developed with the objective to assist companies, medical practitioners and the relevant authorities to have the means to conduct contact tracing in the unfortunate instance where one of their members contracted Covid-19.

Our clients are able to setup the devices linking a unique employee ID to the device ID.  Each device only stores the IDs of other contacted devices. When scanned using a Bluetooth enabled gateway, the Safe-Trace device record is synced with the cloud application. Now an authorised administrator can initiate a digital trace and a contact list is reported for the device ID. This will certainly help to give you a quick report on contacted users that need to initiate isolation and monitoring protocols!

Product website: www.getsafetrace.com



Summary –

  • Digital Maturity Assessment
  • Digital Transformation Strategy & Execution Planning
  • Digital Transformation Resources & Skills Planning
  • Digital Transformation Change Management
  • Training

You may have one or more of the following critical questions in your business:


  • What can automation and digitalisation do for my business?
  • What do I automate and where do I keep human capital in a process and at what skill level?
  • Do I have the skills to plan and execute complex automation/digitalisation projects that impact the heart of my business?
  • Is my team ready for digital solutions?
  • What should my organisation structure look likein order to effectively process information sourced through these projects?
  • What is the effective distribution of decision making and delegation of authority, considering the source and value of information becoming available in my business?
  • What impact will these changes have on my personnel?
  • What upskilling and reskilling will be required?
  • Will I need an interface between operations and IT implementation teams?
  • What execution model should I follow considering my organisation and risk approach?
  • What KPIs should I have for a successful project?
  • How can I evaluate my ROI?
  • How do I buy the right solution?
  • How will I scale information from process to boardroom?

As you plan your next automation or digitalisation project, you need to ensure your business is ready to take the big step. These are some of the many questions you may have. We commit to helping you find the optimal strategy to close these concerns.

Our extensive experience and a host of solutions will bring clarity to the options you will explore and assist with the decision making on how you will proceed.  We will walk all the way with you.  It is the results that matter.

Read more: Why Digital Transformation Apr2020 – Rev 0_small


Project Management –

  • Programme / Project Management of Automation and Digitalisation Projects for and on behalf of End User Client
  • Project Lifecycle Management
  • Goal Directed Project Management
  • Digital Transformation Planning & Execution Management
  • System Implementation Planning & Execution Management
  • Agile
  • Resourcing

Wish to contract specialist resources to assist with implementing a change program?

Maybe needing interim management to lead your project?

Or maybe you are constrained and need a strong team to integrate with your business and deliver this project on time and achieving its set objectives?

We can advise how you go about an automation or digitalisation project, or better, we will execute the project to completion.

Applying Goal Directed Project Management principles, we ensure that the nuances of each project element are understood, anticipated and worked such to ensure effective and timely delivery.

Along the way, we provide effective contract management, interface management, stakeholder management, cost control, schedule control, risk management, communication and documentation management as well as a suite of conformity assessment services, dependent on your needs and available resources.

Read more: Aguru Business Solutions PLM – Jan2020 Rev1

Risk Management –

  • Risk Management Services for Clients Targeting Automation & Digital Transformation Projects
  • Risk Management Strategy
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Risk Assessment Workshop Facilitation
  • Risk Response Plans
  • Black Swan Scenario Analyses
  • Root Cause Analyses

Risk Management can take various forms, depending on the lifecycle of your project or where and when the question about risk is being asked.

We will advise how to identify your primary and secondary risks and develop response plans accordingly. What if your risk mitigation strategies introduce new risks? It is critical to identify these relationships and have an effective response matrix available and assign responsibilities to act when risks are triggered.

Clients can contract their total automation or digital solution to an OEM. But how do you know they have an effective execution plan? Will they manage your business risk effectively? Will they be pro-active, appreciating the impact of project delays on the realization of your targeted ROI?

What about insurance for your projects? Is your risk insurance partner satisfied with your risk management plans?

We will integrate with your team and service providers to evaluate execution plans and risk management strategies, giving you an independent analysis of the approach.

We conduct Risk Management as a standalone service or as part of the portfolio of services included in our project management delivery model.

Should you wish to participate in a Purchase or Sales transaction, our independent analysis will be essential to give a perspective of the impact of automation and digitisation on the value of the asset and what risks to be considered in the transaction from either party’s perspective.

Example Bowtie for Covid-19 from our partner, Anora: COVID-19 Bowtie RevA

Conformity Assessment –

  • Conformity Assessment and Quality Assurance for Clients Targeting Automation & Digital Transformation Projects
  • Purchase Specifications
  • Quality Management Plan
  • Inspection & Conformity Services
  • Continuous Improvement – Workshops / Investigations
  • Lean 6 Sigma

We will integrate with your team and service providers to evaluate the project scoping, purchase specifications, inspection plans and implementation impact assessment, to ensure that the service provider’s delivery conforms to the specifications.

Collaborating with specialist partners, we manage the experts needed to conduct all necessary inspections and sign-off on conformity assessments associated with your project. A full data dossier is delivered, digitally integrated with your operations and business systems.

We will collaborate with your TIC service provider and develop optimal digital integration into your business process such to lower cost and maintain competitiveness.




  • Perhaps you are considering an acquisition or targeting a turnaround project?
  • Do you need to establish the asset value considering the status of its automation or digitalisation projects?
  • Need to establish the value that can be unlocked from an asset through digitalisation?
  • Due Diligence – Digital Asset Value Assessment
  • Due Diligence – Asset Potential Value Assessment (following DX)
  • Asset Migration, Renewal & Disposal Plans
  • Merger and Acquisition Transition Plans
  • Digital Integration Management Services

Should you wish to participate in a Purchase or Sales transaction, our independent analysis will be essential to give perspective of the impact of automation and digitalisation on the value of the asset. We will integrate with your due diligence teams to conduct a deep review of the processes, business systems, automation, digitalisation and underlying organisational structures to establish the value and potential of the integrated system and its development potential.

Read more: Aguru Transaction ServicesBrochure – Apr2020 Rev0



Why should you consider Aguru to support your skils development objectives?

Our 4IR focused training workshops are the ideal platform to bring your team’s attention to the risks and opportunities with digital transformation.

We explore topics such as:

  • What is the 4th Industrial Revolution and why should we care?
  • What brought it on?
  • What will happen to an organisation that ignores the 4IR?
  • What drives change? We look at Business Strategy vs Technology
  • What strategies to consider in digital transformation?
  • What does all these technologies do?


Download brochure here: Aguru TTG 4IR Training Workshops

The following training workshops are currently available: 



We discuss 4IR technologies as an enabler to disruption, inclusion, and differentiation.

  1. The 4th Industrial Revolution – why, what and when
  2. Ocean’s 11 – brief introduction to the impact of 4IR technologies
  3. Is it all about data?
  4. Technology is still a human resources theme
  5. Digital maturity
  6. The compliance thread, risk, and opportunity
  7. Survive or thrive – enablers and disablers
  8. Building a vision
  9. No, it’s all about customer experience

This course is delivered as a 3h webinar (or classroom workshop).



We show you how to develop a winning strategy to compete in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

  1. The 4th Industrial Revolution – why, what and when
  2. Ocean’s 11 – brief introduction to the impact of 4IR technologies
  3. Survive or thrive – enablers and disablers
  4. Vision 2B – mission and opportunity
  5. Digital maturity assessment
  6. Digital transformation plans
  7. It’s still about people – resources, skills and ecosystems
  8. Implementation & Control – Critical Success Factors
  9. Value Accumulation – How to keep winning



We show you how to manage the risk with technology and using technology to manage risk.

  1. Why risk management is critical to sustainability
  2. Who owns it? Assessing and assigning risk management
  3. Digital tools to manage risk
  4. Risk response plans and secondary Impacts
  5. Black swans and outlier events
  6. Putting it all together: Money follows risk!
  7. Innovation and risk
  8. The threat of technology (AI as focus theme)
  9. Compliance and risk (transparency & sustainability themes)

This course is delivered as a 3h webinar (or classroom workshop).



OHSE best practice remains a behavioural theme for most organisations. Can technology help businesses to achieve an incident and injury-free workplace while protecting the environment? We explore:

  1. Covid-19 and the dawn of the remote worker
  2. Regulations and challenges for businesses embracing remote working
  3. Data-driven OHSE – record, predict & prevent
  4. Machine vision and the age of AI
  5. Telemedicine – prevention or response?
  6. Best Practice – manual vs digital approaches to
  7. Employee Screening / Contact Tracing / HSE Monitoring
  8. The right to privacy
  9. A note on the protection of personal information (POPIA)

This course is delivered as a 3h webinar (or classroom workshop).



We introduce you to the fundamentals of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence and discuss how these technologies are deployed to drive ethics, prevent fraud, and ensure transactional governance is in place.

1.Provenance and the end of fake-goods
2.Transactional Transparency
3.Proof of Fact
4.A brief intro to Blockchain and its role in Supply Chain Management
5.Blockchain in Conformity and Assurance
6.Data Governance (incl GDPR context)
7.Protection of Personal Information (incl POPIA context)
8.Using Artificial Intelligence for (Data) Compliance
9.A note on Cyber Security

This course is delivered as a 3h webinar (or classroom workshop).



We introduce you to Blockchain, IOT, RPA and AI and show you how these technologies enhance SCM operations and governance in your business.

1.How Covid is accelerating the digital handshake
2.Why your digital transformation strategy depends on your supply chain’s digital maturity
3.The Internet of Things (IOT) and conformity in SCM
4.Blockchain, transparency and the proof of fact
5.Blockchain and smart contracts
6.The role of digital workers and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
7.The age of AI: buyer performance, scheduling and DIFOT
8.A note on the protection of personal information (POPIA)
9.A note on data protection (GDPR) and cybersecurity
  • IOT = Internet of Things
  • RPA = Robotic Process Automation
  • AI = Artificial Intelligence
  • DIFOT = Delivery In Full, On Time
  • POPIA = Protection of Personal Information Act
  • SCM = Supply Chain Management

This course is delivered as a 3h webinar (or classroom workshop).



We take you through our 4IR strategy framework, developed from a deep analysis of global best practice so that we can ensure that you are prepared for successful transformation projects.

  • Option 1: Introduction / Summary Overview / Refresher (3h Webinar)
  • Option 2: One Day Fast Track Workshop (8 h Webinar / Class Room)
  • Option 3: Two Day Workshop with applied ideating to get your DX strategy started (2d Board Room)

More Information: Aguru Business Solutions – DX Training – Jan2020 Rev 2

Download brochure here: 4IR / Digital Transformation Essentials for Decision Makers


Aguru, through our partnership with Fetola, integrates 4IR training into a broader Enterprise / Supplier Development Program.

This programme is ideal for corporates investing in the localisation and sustainability of their supply chains, while appreciating the need for their suppliers to be future-fit and digitally integrated with their business processes.



  • Business competitiveness is critical in the modern digital era and entrepreneurs, already challenged to develop their businesses, need to keep up with the demands of their corporate customers racing ahead with digital transformation.
  • Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to distinguish their businesses by adopting technologies that improve customer service, reduce operating cost and/or deliver features attractive to their customers.
  • Digital transformation, a critical element of 4IR adoption, accelerates the entrepreneur’s ability to unlock Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).


  • The Aguru Fetola 4IR SD Accelerator empowers entrepreneurs by building their business skills and leadership confidence. Once they have been accepted for participation, a process of self-assessment, goal setting and growth begins.
  • The entrepreneur’s business performance is closely monitored. Guided by mentors, they develop a set of milestones that tracks progress ensuring the programme results are achieved.
  • A mentor skilled in 4IR transformation is assigned to each entrepreneur, guiding the navigation of technology awareness and directing digital transformation learning.
  • The entrepreneur is equipped with a framework and strategy to successfully pursue digital transformation in its business, while also being equipped to exploit the opportunities to digitally integrate with its customers.


  • We want to help corporates concerned about disruption and what participation or non-participation in 4IR technologies could mean for their businesses and supply chain.
  • Our programme addresses the concerns with EME/SME’s not being able to serve corporate supply chain needs.
  • We offer a packaged solution to ED/SD programmes aimed at developing suppliers capable to serve corporate needs while considering their digitalisation objectives.
  • Essentially, we help companies that wish to develop a digital maturity standard within their supply chain and need help to deliver their strategy towards success.


  • The 18-month programme includes a core programme of five compulsory business skills workshops held at a central venue supported by ongoing mentoring, plus a range of elective features that support specific business requirements.
  • A sixth sequence has been added that focuses on 4IR readiness, including digital transformation and automation.
  • The workshops and personalised mentoring are supported by E-learning, access to resourcese i.e. legal and compliance services and specific interventions to ensure progress remains on track.
  • Ongoing peer-to-peer community engagement and networking further augment the learning experience as well as inclusion into the broader business community.

Read more: Aguru Business Solutions – 4IR SD Accelerator – Mar2020 Rev 2_small


Summary –

  • Data Governance
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Integration
  • Data Valuation
  • Compliance with Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA)
  • Compliance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)


You may have one or more of the following critical questions in your business:

  • How is data flowing into, within and from our organisation?
  • How can we determine our compliance status and maintain a dashboard of risks and cost impact?
  • How do I build a workflow to deal with data governance?
  • How do I efficiently respond to Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR)?
  • How can I turn my data into value?

We want to introduce your to dataBelt by Aim Limited, represented by Aguru in the Southern Africa region.

Why use dataBelt?

  • Data governance/quality strategy to ensure data is clean, compliant and well managed
  • Forensic investigations/eDiscovery of data for litigation, fraud prevention
  • GDPR / POPIA compliance and/or unit cost reduction of data protection activities
  • M&A activity requiring data discovery, due diligence, valuation, merging
  • Need for complete profile of cyber threats and data at risk, to exercise greater control
  • Well-managed data combined with AI providing opportunities for streamlining business processes, creating additional revenue streams, reducing costs and/or competitive advantage
  • Understanding the data DNA of your organisation, producing a data inventory, blueprint of its operations

Who can use dataBelt?

  • Any organisation recognising data as a fundamental asset
  • Banks, financial services, card payment organisations, pensions, insurance
  • Those involved in M&A and due diligence activity
  • Legal firms – for litigation, regulatory reviews
  • Marketing companies, and those with high data volumes
  • Those involved in forensic data analysis
  • Those looking for new revenue streams

Read more: Aguru Data Governance – dataBelt Brochure


Do you have your process for employee screening digitised? Can you retain records for audit purposes?

New regulations require that employers have processes in place to conduct screening of employees and visitors to their place of work.  The AssetPool system is a low cost application operated from any smart device. The system  allows you to follow a digital checklist with full electronic record of procedures followed.

This application is a special edition of the excellent AssetPool asset management system.  Contact us to sign you up today.

Product brochure: AssetPool-Covid

Read more about AssetPool’s use in Asset and Conformity Management: Aguru AssetPool Brochure – May2020 Rev0



Digital Workflow Solutions 

  • Aguru utilises the CALATENA software developed by Orgatech to digitise workflow in operating environments, ensuring the continuous flow of data among operational teams and applications.
  • The software enables active operations & maintenance planning, allowing events to be logged with digitised location and asset mapping, then linked to service assignment and planning schedules.
  • Work can be carried out in less time by improving coordination and allowing different processes to be executed at the same time.
  • Statistics and business intelligence are provided with data stored ready for deeper analysis and available for predictive services.
  • CALATENA will make your operations more effective while reducing the overall cost of operations.


Digital Asset Management & Maintenance Engineering Solutions

  • Aguru partnered with asset management specialists ENNOVIA to enhance a client’s asset management performance. Aguru utilises the Quickbrain® software developed by CRAZYLOG, sister company to ENNOVIA.
  • The maintenance engineering software includes support elements such as an integrated Electronic Document Management System (E-DMS) that forms the foundation for maintenance documentation storage. Example documentation includes anything associated with a tag such as PID reference, data sheet, OEM installation and operating & maintenance manuals, spare parts and interchangeability records, safety procedures etc.  
  • The Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) if fully integrated with the EDMS, allowing maintenance planning, activity scheduling, KPI assignment and performance monitoring and a myriad of opportunities for analytics and optimisation against each tag in your plant.  
  • The system links to graphical representations of your plant assets, either as Smart drawings or in-service panoramic views, overcoming any risk of incorrect asset identification.
  • The software is used from design phase all the way through the operational lifecycle. Adopting this approach, contractors deliver projects complete with end-of-job documentation fully integrated into your operations. Your service teams use Quickbrain® to improve operations, increase availability and through predictive maintenance, reduce downtime and spare parts holding.

Our capability presentation: Aguru Capability Presentation Quickbrain Mar2020_Rev 0


Cyber Security
Aguru partnered with specialist German Cyber Security Services provider HG Systems to safeguard clients’ digital infrastructure and operational interfaces with third party systems. Thanks to over 20 years of experience, HG Systems is our competent contact partner for Information Technology assistance in a variety of operational environments. We provide individual and innovative solutions catered for each client’s specific risk profile, system and requirements and operational needs.



  1. Sensor to Enterprise Automation Solutions 
    Aguru partnered with leading hardware and system providers as well as system integrators that can deliver a full turnkey automation solution in processing and manufacturing operations.
  2. Production Reporting Solutions 
    Aguru partnered with production reporting specialists to enhance a client’s production performance monitoring, data visualisation and decision making.
  3. Data Science Solutions 
    Aguru partnered with data science specialists with specialisation in processing environments able to deliver remote monitoring services, control performance optimisation, data analytics for operational efficiency and other specialised machine learning applications.
  4. Processing Solutions – Visual Recognition / Machine Learning 
    Aguru partnered with process safety and operational performance specialists to deliver personnel monitoring solutions that enhances employee safety and well-being. Specialised Visual Recognition applications in specific processing applications are also available.
  5. Audio Visual Representation Aguru partnered with a specialised designer and turnkey provider of Operations and Control Room Infrastructure, providing customers with a range of leading edge, intelligent and innovative control room solutions that can be integrated within existing operations or deployed as remote monitoring solutions. The latest technology achieves full integration of audio, video and digital process information into strategically managed view and/or control platforms.


  1. Full-Stack Software Application Development 
    Aguru partnered with software development companies that provide full-stack solutions to develop front-to-back-end integrated solutions such as e-commerce, assistance bots, ERP integration, business intelligence, distributed ledger solutions, etc.
  2. Platform Services 
    Aguru partnered with selected Cloud-based “Platform as a Service” providers.
  3. Risk Management Software 
    Aguru partnered with a specialist Risk Management Software solution provider to support clients aiming to fully digitalise its ERM programme.
  4. Digital Marketing Services 
    Aguru partnered with a specialist Digital Marketing Services provider to support clients driving their web footprint on their own and social media platforms.

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Are you planning your strategy for digital transformation?

Tell us about your organisation, its challenges and what you aim to achieve for your workforce and customers. Highlight your major risks and concerns and explain where you think you need help. Contact us with this information to initiate your strategy evaluation and let us guide you through this journey.

Download brochure: Why Digital Transformation Apr2020 - Rev 0_small

Are you planning a project and need support with planning and execution?

Tell us about your project, its challenges and where you have most concern to deliver this project. Highlight your execution and resource plans and explain where you think you need help. Contact us with this information to initiate your project evaluation and let us guide you through this journey.

Are your operations in critical need of improved performance?

Tell us about your operations, its challenges and where you have most concern about performance. Highlight areas where you have considered using digital technologies and let us know where you think you need help. Contact us with this information to initiate your operational performance assessment and let us guide you with the evaluation of automation and digital solutions.

Are your maintenance teams overwhelmed by inefficient planning and work processes?

Tell us about your maintenance strategies, its challenges and where you have most concern about your performance. Highlight areas that you have considered using digital technologies and let us know where you think you need help. Contact us with this information to initiate your maintenance performance assessment and let us guide you with the evaluation of automation and digital solutions.

Read more about AssetPool SaaS for Asset and Conformity Management: Aguru AssetPool Brochure - May2020 Rev0

Are you concerned about your operational risks and the wellbeing of your personnel?

Tell us about your operations, its challenges and where you have most concern about the risks encountered. Highlight areas that you have considered using digital technologies and let us know where you think you need help. Contact us with this information to initiate your risk assessment and let us guide you with the evaluation of Enterprise Risk Management and/or digital workplace safety solutions.

Example Bowtie for Covid-19 from our partner, Anora: COVID-19 Bowtie RevA

Read more about the Safe-Trace Covid-19 Contact Tracing solution: Safe-Trace-Aguru-Hive

Read more about the AssetPool Covid-19 Live Employee Screening solution: AssetPool-Covid

Are you planning the sales or purchase of a business or processing asset?

Tell us about your planned transaction and where you are seeking opportunities or need to manage risk. Highlight areas of concern or potential with the digital assets associated with the transaction and where you think you need help. Contact us with this information to discuss how we can add value to your due diligence efforts or manage the integration of your project into your existing digital infrastructure.

Download brochure: AguruTransactionServicesBrochure - Apr2020 Rev0

Do you need to accelerate supplier development to integrate with your digital transformation?

Tell us about your business and its supply chain risks and concerns. Highlight areas of concern with constrained supply chains, localisation objectives and/or digital initiatives that require your suppliers to improve integration with your business processes. Contact us with this information to discuss how we can add value to your strategic supply chain management and transformation efforts and let us advise on digital solutions and other 4IR opportunities.

Are you concerned about cybersecurity and need protection for your digital infrastructure?

Tell us about your systems, your challenges and where you have most concern about the cyber threats encountered.  Highlight areas that you have considered enhancing your protection and let us know where you think you need help.  Contact us with this information to initiate your risk assessment and let us guide you with the evaluation of cyber security solutions that meet your requirements and risk profile.

Client Testimonials

Johan has been a partner of excellence, his response and turn around time in assisting with strategic and crucial 4IR related documents and insights has helped our organisation achieve a major MOU milestone. His support gives our organisation the confidence and technical expertise we need, to become a 4IR organisation that will be internationally recognised. His company Aguru presents training on 4IR to executives, I saw this in action whilst preparing for our business plan, he managed to turn a totally non 4IR responsive colleague into an ambassador for 4IR. We look forward to further engagements with Johan and Aguru.

Mark Taylor

Director, TEMAMII

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