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Cape Town: Today Aguru Business Solutions (AGURU), a company specialising in automation and digital transformation advisory and project management services, announced that they have launched a Contact Tracing solution, developed in collaboration with Hive-IOT.

The Safe-Trace system will be deployed at factories and business operations where large groups of people are at risk when working in close proximity. The system will assist medical authorities to quickly trace contacts, should a person become invected. Aguru MD, Johan Louw, says “we want to help reduce the load on the already burdened medical system. By giving them quick access to information regarding possible contacts,  the authorities can alert those contacts much quicker and initiate isolation protocols.”

Altmar Du Toit, director and co-founder of Hive-IOT, commented that the system was developed from existing technology that they apply in mining systems. Du Toit says “when Aguru came to us with the design concept, our team of specialist engineers went to work.  Even though we had to work remotely, everyone on the team had bits and pieces that we could put together to design and test the system. We are now ready to roll-out Safe-Trace”.

Hive IoT SA, is one of Fast Company SA’s winners of the most innovative company awards for 2020.  The company’s agile business approach supported the rapid development of the Safe-Trace solution in a matter of weeks.

Aguru and its partners offers a range of Covid-19 related employee safety, telemedicine as well as digital maintenance and production management solutions that support social distancing and remote working practices.

“We are extremely impressed with Hive-IOT and also the teams from their sister company The AM Group.  This collaboration demonstrates our partnership model is working and we can bring together the best of South African digital engineering to face real world challenges.” says Louw.

How Safe-Trace works:

Each employee is issued a Safe-Trace beacon. Different beacons are available as wearables or keycards. Each beacon has a unique ID. Employee details are assigned to the unique beacon ID upon activation of the device and then stored in an online database. When two or more beacons are near each other, the beacon IDs are logged and time stamped on all devices in contact.

When a person is diagnosed with Covid-19, the beacon is scanned by a medical professional or management staff and all other IDs that were in close contact of the device can be discreetly notified to get tested and to isolate as soon as possible.

Thesystem does not trace location, only contact and therefore avoids any concerns of privacy typical of mobile phone tracing systems.

Employers interested to add an added level of Covid-19 monitoring can contact Aguru or Hive-IOT regarding the deployment of the solution and other features at their operations.


About AGURU: Aguru Business Solutions empowers clients in industrial process and manufacturing industries with differentiating strategies to plan and deliver automation and digitalisation solutions that drive efficiencies and improve asset value.  Aguru Holdings (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2017 and their services extends from advisory and project management to a range of industrial focused automation and digital solutions delivered in collaboration with various partners.

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