Each employee is issued a Safe-Trace beacon. Different beacons are available as
wearables or keycards. Each beacon has a unique ID.
Employee details is assigned to the unique beacon ID upon activation of the
device and then stored in an online database.

When two or more beacons are near each other, the beacon IDs are logged and time
stamped on all devices in contact.

When a person is diagnosed with Covid-19, the beacon is scanned by a medical
professional or management staff and all other IDs that were in close contact of
the device can be discreetly notified to get tested and to isolate as soon as possible.

All employees wear their Safe-Trace
beacons when they go to work.

When they are near each other the beacon
logs the unique ID of the other beacon.
Data is then stored on the beacon for
up to a 100 people for 21 days.

When a person becomes infected, they
need to give their beacon to
management or medical staff to
get scanned.

The beacon will then give a history of
all the beacons that were in contact with
the person for the last 21 days.

The user IDs can be traced securely and
discreetly through an online database
to contact the other employees that may
be at risk.

Areas of Interest

Gateways can be added as an extra benefit to areas
of interest. This will allow management to trace
movements of the flagged beacon so that at-risk
areas can be disinfected.


Safe-Trace Database

Management or Medical staff can use the secure database to identify
employees that were in contact with the flagged beacon. These employees can
then be notified to get tested and allow for swift isolation.

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